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Hobby Downloads

Your Easy Reading Guide To Anything That Takes Your Fancy

This site is being updated and the original steam and model engineering related topics can be found through this direct link.

Our aim at HobbyDownloads is to offer you as many hobby downloads as possible in the form of plans, patterns and guides, mostly free of charge as pdf's after us searching the internet extensively, no matter what your interest may be.

Being a relatively new site means we have limited offerings at present but i
f you do not find anything that suits you here, please take a look again in the future as more will be added as time goes by.

In each color coded section there are to be a wide variety of options available to you as time progresses.

  • how your body works and what you can do to improve how it works in the body & health section
  • from model steam engine plans and offers of complete steam models in the crafts & hobbies section
  • house renovating or starting from scratch with a new build through from re-roofing to drain laying
  • Our pets and livestock section will cover the usual pets to the more exotics, showing their care and management, from birth through to old age, including breeding and showing if that is your fancy.
There'll be sewing and knitting patterns, gardening and house maintenance and construction along with outdoor and indoor activities from hang gliding, para-gliding, snorkeling and diving, boat building, including model boat construction, sailing, orienteering, painting and many other exciting activities.

You name it, we'll do it!!!

The scope of interests is endless and we are open to suggestions...

Take your time and explore the live links (blue and underlined) to the side or at the top for more info (others will be added as time goes by).

Be aware though, some of these files may well be quite large and may require some time to download for slower connection speeds.